We are proud to invest in Latino-based nonprofit organizations with deep community roots and unmatched cultural competency. Latino-based organizations serve as trusted anchors that promote a culture of empowerment in their communities. LCF grantees serve as hubs for sharing resources, developing leaders, and promoting cultural strengthens and solutions. They also serve as a pipeline for leadership development opportunities for emerging Latino leaders. When you invest in a Latino-based organization, you invest in community transformation.

Since 2008, The Latino Community Foundation has invested over $3 million in more than 50 Latino-based organizations in 14 California counties in the Bay Area, Central Valley and Central Coast. LCF is deeply engaged in the communities where we fund. We identify and invest in community rooted solutions to the most pressing Latino issues in education, technology, health, and civic engagement. We believe in the power of our community to lead solutions for change.

"As an anchor Latino-serving organization, it is extremely important to us that LCF is a Latino Funder. We are proud to be funded by a foundation that intimately understands the plight of our largely undocumented, working poor community, and the unique strengths, gifts and capacities they share, even when living in crisis. Having a foundation that comes with this understanding and that boldly engages in dialogue with private and public institutions, as well as individual donors, is critical to our work in Latino-majority communities." - LCF GRANTEE

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